B.E.S.T U8

B.E.S.T U8



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Diego Caro
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During this important time in a child’s life, youth athletes are in their “skill-hungry” years. The body is primed for new information and ready to ingrain new movement patterns. B.E.S.T is designed to introduce and create foundations of overall athleticism in a fun, positive, and high-success environment.
The weekends games are the perfect opportunity for players to drop in, have some fun, and put their skills to use in a game setting! . Futsal adds a new dimension and style to everyone’s game, these classes are recommended for all players!

The core of our program revolves around understanding what potential each student has as an individual player and help them begin their journey of mastery. Teamwork is not about 11 players who are exactly the same, but rather 11 individuals who deeply understand their strengths but more importantly learn how to compliment their teammates with their unique skills.

What all the players that have impacted the game of soccer have in common is a solid foundation of the game of soccer; mindset, skill, teamwork. Part of our program is structuring and strengthening our students foundation and their understanding of it. The result is not only to train them be competitive at any stage of their soccer career, but rather provide them the tools so that they can continue to build and improve their foundation by themselves.

Part of developing a strong foundation is reinforcing it with consistent practice of the necessary skills. This part of our program consists of regular training of the skills that are required to be a high skilled player